Where to Buy Homeopathic Remedies



In General:

Many homeopathic practitioners stock a pharmacy and sell remedies, but I do not.  As such, this list is intended solely to increase the convenience of what can be a cumbersome purchase process for you.  It is not a comprehensive list of sources, and I have few important preferences.  www.homeopathyhome.com also provides a good list of suppliers.  If you already have other sources for remedies, by all means, use them.  (And let me know; my other clients may come to like them, too!)



Around Austin, TX:

Peoples Rx, Whole Foods, Sun Harvest, Central Market, Lamar Drug, Juniper Tree

Remedy selection varies from store to store and location to location.  Potency selection is quite limited.  Any of these retailers should also be able to order any non-prescription remedy in any potency for you, but some of them do not; and delivery time can be as long as ordering direct.


Direct from the Manufacturer:  

Washington Homeopathic Products, www.homeopathyworks.com, 800-336-1695
Hahnemann Laboratories,
www.hahnemannlabs.com, 888-4ARNICA [888-427-6422]
Helios Homeopathy,
Natural Health Supply, www.a2zhomeopathy.com, 888-689-1608

All of these companies are quality homeopathic manufacturers who have also been shipping consumer orders for a long time.  Each has its own plusses and minuses, along with some quirks.  Even though I do not stock a pharmacy, I continue to find reasons to use them all.  Rapid shipping is usually available, but at a premium.



Pressed for Time:  Pay for faster shipping at one of the above or:

Homeopathy Overnight, www.homeopathyovernight.com, 800-ARNICA-3
Merz Apothecary, 800-252-0275 (
www.smallflower.com, but call them)

In our work together, we certainly try to avoid getting into the position of needing a special remedy or potency this dramatically.  And we can often work with what is on-hand until a preferred choice can arrive.  Still, these are good resources to be aware of; and the only real downside is that the overnight shipping is almost always significantly more expensive than the remedy.

 Other Spots on the Web: 


There are tons of them, and a few (www.homeopathic.com)  also provide good basic homeopathic information.  I am not currently aware of a site that is selling homeopathic “single remedies” from unreliable sources.  But for added protection, look for homeopathic brand or manufacturer names already mentioned on this page or:  Boiron, Standard, Hyland, Seroyal, Nelson, Bach, FES.