How to Take Homeopathic Remedies


(The way your homeopath told you to!)  or:


As always, homeopathy is an individualized discipline; and the proper dose can vary from person to person and from situation to situation.  The directions included here are general in nature and should never be substituted for more detailed directions provided by myself or another homeopath.  But if you don't have any other directions, these will work just fine.


One typical dose of a homeopathic remedy is 3 - 5 pellets or 4 - 6 drops.  The drops of a liquid remedy should be held under the tongue for a moment or two.  If you have a dispensing-accident and end up with a larger amount of pellets or drops in your mouth; spit out the excess pellets, and try to do better with the drops the next time.


A homeopathic remedy should always be taken on a clean palate, meaning nothing else should have been in your mouth for 10 minutes before or after the remedy.  If you must, water is actually OK with me -- but no orange juice, no coffee, no toothpaste, etc.  (But I'm easy on people; many other homeopaths disagree.)


It is best not to touch the actual pellets or drops at all until they make contact with the inside of the mouth.  But as long as you have clean hands and are dosing yourself, your child, or your pet, I'll let you slide on this one.  (But again, I'm easy on people.)


Once a homeopathic pellet or liquid comes out of its original container, it can not go back in.  Homeopathic medicines are sensitive to a variety of influences; and once they have been exposed to the environment, returning an un-used portion to the original container risks contaminating the entire supply.  Better to simply throw away the exposed extras and preserve the quality of your remedy stock.


For sublingual administration of a homeopathic remedy, the idea is for the dose to rest undisturbed under the tongue for a space of time.  The idea is not that the dose should be chewed, sloshed around the mouth, spit out on the lips and sucked back in, or any number of other variations.  My personal rule is that if you must chew, slosh, etc., then count to 50 first.  And anyone who can't count to 50 is exempt.  (Even very young children can count to 10, five times.)  For the non-counters among us, notably babies and pets, just make contact with a mucus membrane.  Perhaps these clients won't receive a full dose, but  . . . sometimes we take what we can get.  If, however, a dose gets swallowed straight down (the way more-conventional medicines do), it is generally considered to have been wasted and probably won't have an effect.