What's a homeopath?

A homeopath is someone who practices homeopathy.*  In my view, that is any practitioner whose primary method of health care is homeopathy and who adheres to the following principles:

A homeopath is also a consultant, a teacher, an advisor, a subject-matter expert, a source of hard-to-find information, and a partner in improving the overall health of each client with whom he or she works.  There are many different kinds of homeopaths and many styles of practice within each group.  As is true in many other industries - qualifications, expertise, and experience may vary significantly from one practitioner to the next.  Any homeopath you choose to work with should be able to explain these details to your satisfaction, or you should continue looking for one who can.

Although some homeopaths also have other types of health-related credentials (nutritionist, acupuncturist, medical doctor, etc.), I do not.  The scope of my own practice is limited to homeopathy, including environment or lifestyle issues which may be barriers to greater health.  Beyond this, I refer clients to other types of health professionals when I believe there is a need or could be a benefit.  At my client's request and authorization, I am also willing to exchange information with other professionals.  Outside of such requests, all information provided to me is strictly confidential, in accordance with ethical and legal obligations.

The style of my practice is classical, but without rigid dogma.  In the current homeopathic vernacular, I work with the essence of each case.  While I admire the single-remedy-for-life concept, I find that many people get better faster with the occasional acute remedy, complementary intercurrent, or never well since (fill-in-the-blank) suggestion.  I usually tell my clients during the intake appointment that it is my job to give him or her every possible opportunity to reveal to me who he or she is.  And I believe that it is equally my job to remain flexible enough with all the homeopathic tools at my disposal to meet each case at its own level of need.  In short, my style of practice has to correspond to the state of the individual client.  That is, after all, what homeopathy is all about.


*For a definition of homeopathy, click on the Homeopathy Is link on the home page.